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LABORLAW.PH is a knowledge resource for building a strong Labor Law Compliance System in the workplace.


Our Vision is for all workplaces to have a Labor Law Compliance System.


• To build a knowledgebase of Philippine labor laws, regulations, and jurisprudence;
• To provide legal education to both employers and employees; and,
• To extend training, resources, and references on building a Labor Law Compliance System.

Atty. Jericho (Jake) Del Puerto

Founder, Labor Law PH

From the Founder

I believe in mentoring. I am a product of my mentors who have shared to me their wisdom, insights, experience, skills, and knowledge. I am thankful to them. As my little way of paying it forward, I share my knowledge, skills, and experience through this website.

You can start learning Labor Law through the Library — which is our pride and joy as it offers over 200+ articles and counting for those who want to quickly learn Labor Law concepts, principles, and rules. We also provide additional discussions via our vides (inside our membership, as well as our free videos in YouTube) and Podcast episodes (inside our membership, as well as our free podcasts at various platforms: Spotify, Anchor, and more)

I also mentor those who want to improve and update their Labor Law knowledge and skills through our Memberships – where we provide weekly content to improve your labor law knowledge and skills, as well as via our in-depth Masterclass – where I teach Labor Law as how it is taught to law students in law schools. 

From the founding of Labor Law PH in 2015, and 6 years in the running, I remain and continue to be thankful for our audience, supporters, and students. In 2021, and via Google Analytics, we reached record numbers of: 841,270 pageviews, 651,949 sessions, and 486,857 users.

Truly, thank you, thank you!

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At-will employment in PH?

At-will employment means that an employer can terminate the employment of an employee – at any time. Is this allowed

Podcast Discussions

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OSHS Compliance

What is Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) Compliance? Let’s discuss.

Articles to Read

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Cases on: Resignation

1. Concept and effects of tendering a resignation letter Philippine National Construction Corporation v. NLRC, PNCC Toll Operations Employees and

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Commission of a Crime

1. Concept The crime or offense should be against the person. Simply stated, crimes against the person presupposes bodily harm

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Cases on: Loss of Confidence

1. Confidential employees In Cruz v. Citytrust Banking Corporation, the confidential employee – a Micro Technical Support Officer – was

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Loss of Confidence

1. Concept Loss of confidence applies to specific employees only. The ground of loss of confidence refers to “a condition

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Cases on: Fraud

1. Conviction of a crime In Concepcion v. Minex Import Corporation, the rule was reiterated that conviction was not required

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1. Concept Fraud is deceit. The commission of fraudrefers to “any act, omission, or concealment which involves a breach of

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