Voluntary Arbitrators

Summary ▪ The employers and employees may agree to resolve their labor dispute before voluntary arbitrators. 1. Concept Voluntary arbitrators

Willful disobedience

1. Concept Willful disobedience refers to insubordination. Insubordination refers to “the refusal to obey some order, which a superior is

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No at-will employment

At-will employment is neither recognized nor permitted under Philippine Labor Law. What is at-will employment? At-Will employment is when an

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“Ghosting coasting” employees

“Ghosting coasting” refers to new-hires who stick around for the first few pay then disappears afterwards no longer reporting for

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Explainer: Illegal dismissal

Summary ▪ Illegal dismissal is the termination of employment or separation from employment without complying with due process of law.

Key Topics

Labor Standards

Premium Pay

Premium pay is an additional pay for work rendered on a rest day or a special non-working day. Summary ▪

Cases: Premium pay

The following are the related or relevant Labor Law Cases or Jurisprudence on the topic. 1) Covered and excluded employees

Due Process

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1. Concept Fraud is deceit. The commission of fraudrefers to “any act, omission, or concealment which involves a breach of

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Authorized Causes

Authorized cause refer to “those instances enumerated under Articles 298 [Closure of Establishment and Reduction of Personnel] and 299 [Disease

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Cases: Commission of a Crime

1. Due process despite crime Commission of a crime does not do away with due process. When an employee physically

Regulated Industries

Private Security

Principal in Contracting

Summary ▪ Principal is the one who farms out or outsources a job or work in a contracting and subcontracting

Contractor’s employees

Summary ▪ The employees of a contractor or a subcontractor may be deployed personnel or administrative personnel. ▪ The contractor’s

DO-174 Contracting

Contractor or Subcontractor

Summary ▪ A contractor or a subcontractor is registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as legitimate job

DO-174 Semi-Annual Reports

Summary DO-174 contractors are required to submit twice a year a report to DOLE. Applicable laws, regulations DOLE Department Order

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Labor-only Contracting

Summary ▪ Labor-only contracting is prohibited. ▪ It refers to an arrangement that violates the laws and regulations on contracting

Overseas Employment

Employer's Rights

Management Prerogative

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