2023 Masterclasses – Now Available

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Thank you for your interest in our Masterclasses.


1. Please fill-up this Registration Form. Afterwards, you will be provided with the payment details.

2. Kindly note that the Masterclass has limited slots and lectures will also start on schedule. Thus, kindly deposit your payment within seven (7) calendar days from submitting this form to keep your reservation.

3. You are allowed to simultaneously take as many Masterclasses as you want: Provided That you complete them within the schedule provided as the app/system will automatically close after the course duration.


1. Kindly note that the Masterclass will be using Canvas by Instructure  -- a trusted online learning management system used by reputable universities and colleges worldwide.

2. To see how it works, feel free to sign up for our FREE Masterclass on Management Prerogative here:


1. Every week, you will be provided access to lectures and slides/Powerpoint used in the lectures.

2. Generally, quizzes and assignments are optional -- unless otherwise made a pre-requisite (e.g. certification). While optional, it is recommended that you take them to measure your knowledge and understanding of the lessons.  


• Labor Standards: Php3,360.00• Just Cause Termination: Php3,920.00• Authorized Cause Separation: ...


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