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Our Labor Law Book Set


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You asked, we answered.

The books are written for non-lawyers in a simple and easy-to-understand language that can easily be learned and implemented by business owners, managers, and HR practitioners. You are our primary readers and audience, and not lawyers or law students.

The books primarily contain Labor Law Cases to help you understand concepts and principles via stories. We believe in the power of stories to help you remember more what you’ve read. So, it is not like your boring labor law books that are difficult to read.

Yes, of course. You can even get a discount. To make a reservation, click HERE.

Yes! – with a positive thumbs up! There are best legal practices provided so you can implement best practices with legal compliance in mind to protect, if not prevent, labor issues and complaints.

The author is Atty. Jericho (Jake) Del Puerto. He is the founder of LaborLaw.PH (the site you are on right now). He has a proven track record of teaching and mentoring business owners, managers, and HR practitioners, for several years. He has also already published law books before, notably the bestseller Legal Aspects of Business, Disciplinary Action, Basic Contracts for Non-Lawyers, and Notable DOLE Regulations, among others.

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