Certificate of Completion


Please note that the issuance of the Certificate of Completion is based on the completion of the Masterclass — from studying the weekly lessons, submitting the assignments and activities, answering quizzes and practice tests, taking the mid-term and final exams, and to scheduling a monthly consultation with your mentor.

As for the live-mentoring sessions twice a month, it is optional — as we understand that some of you may not have the available time.

Thus, kindly ensure that you are able to complete the required activities for you to be issued the Certificate of Completion after the Masterclass Program.

If you wish to be certified on your Labor Law expertise, there is a separate certificate issued which requires you to pass a special and separate examination, including an oral and written examination. For those taking this Masterclass, after completing this program, you are qualified to apply for a Certificate of Labor Law Mastery – Level 1 — at no additional cost. The offer is available only within three (3) months from completing the program. Thereafter, there will be a fee for taking the certification exam.

Disclaimer: All information is for educational and general information only. These should not be taken as professional legal advice or opinion. Please consult a competent lawyer to address your specific concerns. Any statements or opinions of the author are solely his own and do not reflect that of any organization he may be connected.

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