Certification Courses

Due Process in Disciplinary Action

Learn how to properly implement and practice due process in disciplinary action, from assessing a case, gathering pieces of evidence, hearing and evaluating the employee's explanation, to deciding on the results and imposing disciplinary action, such as suspension or dismissal.

Drafting employment contracts

Learn how to properly draft employment contracts taking into consideration the various employment arrangements (e.g. regular, probationary, casual, project, seasonal, fixed-term), employee rank (e.g. managerial, supervisory, rank-and-file), to name a few.

Legally-Mandated Benefits

Learn how to ensure compliance with the General Labor Standards (a.k.a. legally-mandated benefits) prescribed by the Labor Code and other Special Laws (e.g. Laws on maternity leave, paternity leave, solo parent, VAWC, etc.)

Internet & Social Media Policy

Learn how to draft Internet & Social Media Policy to regulate employee behavior and online content that may affect the employer, its officers and employees, as well as its clients and business partners.

Mental Health Policy

Learn how to properly draft a Mental Health Policy to comply with the Mental Health Law and promote wellness and well-being at the workplace for a more productive and inclusive workforce.


Learn how to manage labor cases during hearings, conferences, or mediation before the SEnA/DOLE/NLRC hearing officers, and prepare for any compliance requirement such as a position paper.

Why Our Courses

We know that
Skills & Practice matter more

Skills-Based approach

Learning is geared towards providing students with skills they can use and practice at their workplaces.

Trusted Knowledge

With over 10+ years of experience and practice, we teach actual conditions than textbook knowledge.


Get certified with your Labor Law knowledge and skills and be listed in our rosters of trained practitioners.

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