Duty detail order, Private Security

1. Concept

Duty Detail Order – refers to a written order/schedule/assignment issued to a security guard and other private security personnel by a superior officer, usually the private security agency or branch manager or operation’s officer, for the performance of security and/or detective service duty/ies. (Section 2[b], D.O. No. 150, Series of 2016)

2. Contents of Duty Detail Order

For every assignment of security guards and other private security personnel to a principal, the Duty Detail Order shall contain the following, among others:

1) Name, address, and telephone number of agency;

2) Issue serial number and date of the Duty Detail Order;

3) Complete name and designation of grantee;

4) Purpose;

5) Inclusive dates of detail;

6) Firearms description and license number;

7) Authorized uniform to be used;

8) Other specific instructions or remarks; and

9) Signature and designation of issuing officer. (Section 5.2, Ibid.)



DOLE D.O. No. 150, Series of 2016

▪ Jurisprudence or Supreme Court Decisions

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