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Is joining the membership free ?

Yes, joining the membership is absolutely free.

For your password, please note that you simply have to logout and then login. Then, click forgot password to set up your password.

What are the benefits of joining ?

You will be able to access exclusive free content such as Labor Law courses, articles, videos, podcasts, and updates.

Is there a paid membership account ?

Yes, for those who want to improve and enhance their Labor Law knowledge and skills, you may upgrade your free account to either of the following: (a) Basic Membership Plan; or (b) Premium Membership Plan.

You may also sign up for our yearly Masterclass — which is 6-month intensive Labor Law program designed to teach you Labor Law as how law students are taught the subject in law schools.

What are the benefits of a paid account?

In addition to the free content, paid memberships have additional content delivered every week.

For both Basic and Premium, you get to access Basic Labor Law Courses (Basic) and Advanced Labor Law Courses (Premium), Primers to New Labor Laws and DOLE Regulations, Best Legal Practices, Labor Law Cases, Video Lessons, Podcast Episodes, HR Forms and Employment Contracts, and Toolkit (PDF, charts, tables, etc.), among others.

For the Premium Account, there are the additional benefits of 1-Hour Group mentoring every month and Ask 10 Questions.

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