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Telecommuting Report


  • Employers adopting a telecommuting work arrangement is required to submit a report to DOLE.

Applicable laws, regulations

Compliance Report

Notice and Monitoring

“The employer shall notify the DOLE on the adoption of a telecommuting work arrangement, by accomplishing the DOLE prescribed report form and submitting the same in print or digital copy, to the nearest DOLE Field or Provincial Office having jurisdiction over the area where the principal office is located.” (Paragraph 1, Section 7, DOLE DO 202-19)

“If the employer has branches or operational units outside the region of its principal office, each branch or operational unit shall also submit its respective report to the nearest DOLE Field Office or Provincial Office having jurisdiction over the branch or operation unit.” (Paragraph 2, Section 7, Ibid.)

Download: DOLE Report – Telecommuting


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