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Membership Plans

50% special discount

for Founding Members (for 3 yrs)

Offer available only until February 28, 2022


Read exclusive content
Monthly (billed annually*)
  • 1 Exclusive Content per week, via:
  • Basic Labor Law Course (5 in all)
  • Primer to New Labor Law
  • Primer to New DOLE IRR
  • Best Legal Practice
  • Labor Law Case
  • Video Lesson
  • Podcast Episode
  • HR Form, Employment Contract
  • Toolkit (PDF, charts, tables, etc.)


Access exclusive courses and lessons
Monthly (billed annually*)
  • All in Basic, plus:
  • 1-hour Group Mentoring
  • Ask 10 Questions
  • 1 Exclusive Content per week, via:
  • Advance Labor Law Course (5 in all)
  • Powerpoint Handout
  • HR Script/Dialogue
  • FAQ on Common Issues
  • Worksheet or Activity
  • Practical Test
  • Company Policy (Template)


Frequently Asked Questions
(Your top questions answered here.)

A founding member is our first batch of members. To show our appreciation, we are granting a 50% special discount to them. Plus, they will enjoy the same price (with the discount) that they paid during registration for a period of three (3) years whenever they have to renew their membership. No price increase for them during this period. How awesome is that?

During your membership, you have access to a mentor who can answer any question you may have to any of our content – from courses, podcasts, to articles. You can even request content if you think you need more discussions on a topic (if provided in your membership plan). This is advantageous for members, unlike a one-off course/webinar where you may not be able to ask the resource speaker after the lecture.

Yes! Positively and definitely. In addition to having access to a mentor, you are saving a lot of money with a membership in contrast with one-time webinars or courses. For the price of a one-time webinar/course, you get one (1) full year of membership, where you have continued and repeated access to at several Courses or Master Classes (where applicable), plus access to educational resources, from PowerPoint templates, HR forms, employment contracts, scripts or dialogue guides, and much more!

Yes, it is one of the options available to you during the sign-up. After completing the sign up process by submitting the form, you will receive an email containing the QR codes for GCash or Paymaya where you can pay. After paying, make sure to send your proof of payment (e.g. screenshot) to to link the payment to your account. (You don’t want someone claiming your payment as theirs.)

Yes, if you have a Paypal account. Currently, our system allows debit/credit card transactions only for Paypal account holders. We are still in the process of integrating more payment methods. (By the way, you can pay Gcash or Paymaya in case you don’t know.)

Once you log in to your account, you will be directed to a Member Space. It’s like your personal dashboard to help you easily navigate the content linked to your membership plan. For instance, if your membership plan has access to courses, there will be a section/button showing you the area of our courses.

New members may be overwhelmed with the amount of great content and informative resources on our site. To help our members avoid being overwhelmed, we have decided to slowly give it once a week (also known as “dripping content”). Each week, you will be learning a few concepts and principles, as well as be granted access to resources, so you can think over them and absorb the lessons for some days. Over time, you will have an archive full of resources and references you can go back to whenever you want.

Courses are designed for those in the beginner to intermediate level (suitable for assistant managers, supervisors, HR assistants, and students). Discussions focus more on building a solid understanding of key concepts and principles, as well as fundamental rules and regulations on Labor Law, including Best Legal Practices.

On the other hand, Master Classes are designed for advanced to expert level (ideal for lawyers, managers, and experienced HR professionals). Discussions focus more practice and what works, such as creating systems and processes to improve the employer’s Labor Law Compliance System, managing labor issues or troublesome employees in a practical and effective manner, as well as resolving these labor complaints through best practices to avoid a labor cases – since no on, neither the employer nor the employee, really wins in a labor case, instead it is all about costs and expenses for both sides.

Our accounts are currently for individuals. We are in the process of upgrading our system to allow for corporate accounts (1 account, multiple users).

Why does this matter? Please note that our system may logout a user if it notices that the same account is being accessed by more than one individual. This also violates our terms which may result in suspension or termination of the account.

No, we use a system that hosts and shows exclusive videos to signed in members only. These exclusive videos are different and separate from what we upload at our YouTube channel (which, by the way, you may want to subscribe!). Our YouTube channel is for general education in line with our vision and mission.

An article generally discusses a specific concept or topic for a simple and quick understanding (you can think of it like a short introduction).

On the other hand, an explainer is a long-form content which discusses at length and provides for details, as well as additional resources, to give readers a more wholistic and advanced understanding. (We understand some of our members want this kind of content.)

The Mentor: Atty. Jericho (jake) Del Puerto

Proven track Record over the Years

Mentor & Teacher

He has taught MBA students at a reputable university, conducted Labor Law Bar Exam Review, as well as mentored leaders of different organizations from business owners to managers.

Author & Writer

He has authored and continues to publish law books that are being used in business schools, Government offices, as well as in businesses and organizations.

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