Masterclass has begun!

Labor Law Part 1 – Masterclass — began two (2) days ago, March 21 (Monday).

In the next six (6) months, participants will be immersed in the world of Labor Law — as if they were law students learning the subject in law school. The program is designed to give them a deeper understanding and appreciation of Labor Law, its nuances and complexities, in order to empower them and guide them with Labor Law Compliance.

The program provides for a paced learning wherein weekly lessons are provided to participants, via video lectures, podcasts, articles, and/or a combination thereof depending on the complexity of the lessons. Since they are experiencing what a law student experiences in learning labor law, the program comes with assignments and activities, quizzes and practices, as well as mid-term and final exams. Participants have 24/7 access to all of these so they can learn it at their most convenient time.

Starting next month, the participants have the opportunity to further engage via a one-on-one monthly mentoring through a monthly 1-hour consultation. In addition, they have the option to attend group live mentoring sessions.

If you are interested and have not yet signed up — you still can! You have not yet missed a lot yet.

Plus, we have rolled-out a 5-month to pay installment payment plan to help you out. The offer is available only until – and will expire – by 30 March 2022 (Wednesday).

Fee free to sign up here:

Disclaimer: All information is for educational and general information only. These should not be taken as professional legal advice or opinion. Please consult a competent lawyer to address your specific concerns. Any statements or opinions of the author are solely his own and do not reflect that of any organization he may be connected.

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