Masterclass: Management Prerogative (2023)

The Masterclass for Management Prerogative is now open for registration!

Registration: January 20, 2023 to February 03, 2023

Duration: February 04, 2023 to February 11, 2023

Where: Canvas Instructure (Online) – a trusted online learning management system used by reputable universities and colleges


Management Prerogative is a pre-requisite to all other Masterclass.

It is that critical — and the solid foundation on which your Labor Law knowledge is best built.

As you will learn from this course, management prerogative is an inherent right of the employer that it does not given require a law to begin with. It is because an employer’s rights existed before the first Philippine Labor Law was passed.

Thus, to best understand labor law is to fully comprehend management prerogative.

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction

a. Introduction to Management Prerogative

2. Concept of Management Prerogative

a. Definition

b. History

c. Modern Day

3. Scope of Management Prerogative

a. Pre-Employment

b. During Employment

c. Post-Employment

4. Limitations of Management Prerogative

a. Preliminary

b. Good Faith

c. Employee Rights

d. Other Limitations

5. Conclusion

a. Summary

b. Final Notes


The Masterclass may consist of the following:

  • Reading Materials
  • Video lectures
  • Slides/PPT pdf downloads
  • Additional Resources (via external sites)
  • Quizzes (for certain lessons)

NB: If this course qualifies for certification, an exam may be required from those who want to be certified.


This Masterclass is: free.

How to sign up


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Disclaimer: All information is for educational and general information only. These should not be taken as professional legal advice or opinion. Please consult a competent lawyer to address your specific concerns. Any statements or opinions of the author are solely his own and do not reflect that of any organization he may be connected.

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