Course Outline

1 - Management Prerogative

2 - Fundamental Principles

3 - Recruitment & Placement

4 - Labor Standards

5 - Social Legislation

5 - Post-Employment

Benefits for Participants

24/7 Access to Online lessons

Lessons and learning materials will be accessible 24/7 and learning will be paced by releasing them once per week, to avoid being overwhelmed with the content.

Powerpoint Slides & Case Book

Powerpoint slides/handouts and a case book of Labor Law cases (both in pdf) will be provided.

HR Forms & Policies

Sample HR Forms and Company Policies

Mentoring Sessions

There will be two (2) live mentoring sessions every month. Plus, you may consult with the law mentor once every month as well.

Choose your plan

Kindly indicate in the form below your chosen plan.

Plan A

  • Access to Weekly Lessons
  • Download PPT/Handouts
  • Download Cases
  • Quizzes & Activities
  • Consult your mentor (1hr/mo.)

Plan B

  • All in Option 1, plus:
  • Written Certification Exam
  • Oral Q & A Certification Exam
  • Registry of Certified Professionals (if you pass the exams)


Most frequent questions and answers

The course will cover: basic concepts and principles, management prerogative, hiring and recruitment, employer-employee relationship, employment contracts (regular, probationary, project, etc.), working conditions, compensation and benefits or general labor standards, due process (just causes, authorized causes), and more.

You will be provided access to an online area/platform (a.k.a. Learning Management System) that will serve as your online classroom. Inside, you will be provided with 1 content per week to study. This may be in the form of a video lesson, podcast, article, or a combination of either one of them, depending on the complexity of the topic. References will also be provided for additional learning.

Plus, for every month, there will be two (2) live mentoring sessions at 1.5 hours each via videoconference. The mentor may conduct a special class or conduct a question & answer session. This will be conducted on Saturday afternoons.

Plus to the plusyou may schedule a one-one-one consultation with the mentor once every month at 1.5 hours each via videoconference

The content is released once every week to help you pace your study. This will give you time to better understand and absorb the discussions and materials. Labor Law can be overwhelming — even for law students. That’s why, it is best studied by chunks or parts.

No, there will not be any recitation. This is perhaps the only thing that makes it different from learning experience in law school. However, during live mentoring sessions, you may ask questions to help you better understand Labor Law concepts and principles.

Yes, assignments will be provided to reinforce your learning of the materials. Remember, you are experiencing how law students learn Labor Law — of course, there will be assignments!

Yes, tests will also be given to ensure that you have understood the discussions. For difficult topics, there may be a pre-test and a post-test to assess your improvement.

Yes, there will be a mid-term exam and a final exam to assess your overall performance.

Yes, you will be graded along the way – for your own personal benefit. Your grade will be private and confidential to you and your mentor.

Yes, there are two (2) certificates that may be issued to a student.

First, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who completed the course – including assignments, tests, and exams.

Second, a Certificate of Labor Law Mastery – Level 1, will be issued to those who want to be certified – subject to passing a special and separate examination, including an oral examination and a written examination.

Track Record of Mentoring

Acquire advance Labor Law Knowledge and Skills

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6 months of online learning, 24 weeks of materials
1 content per week to pace your study

1. This is an online masterclass – wherein students will be able to access lessons and discussions via a Learning Management System (LMS). 

2. This is a reservation form only, and not yet a registration.
3. Official receipts are provided for those who will undergo the masterclass.
4. The course is available only once per year. If you did not make it to the registration period, you may still complete the form and be waitlisted.