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Forms & Templates


Employment Contracts

Regular employment, probationary employment, project employment, etc.


HR Forms

Incident Report, Office Memo, etc.


Company Policies

Drug-Free Policies, Mental Health Policies, HIV-AIDS Policies, Hepatities B Policies, etc.


Due Process

1st Written Notice (NTE), 2nd Written Notice (NOR/NOT), Minutes, etc.

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Primer: Safe Spaces Act

Summary Gender-based sexual harassment in the workplace involve unwelcome sexual advances, requests or demand for sexual favors or any act

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Primer: IRR of Safe Spaces Act

Summary ▪ The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has issued Department Order No. 130, Series of 2021 (“DO 230-21”).

Labor Law Updates

Check out our primers for new Labor Laws, DOLE Regulations, Labor Jurisprudence, and more.

On Top

Special Leave for Women

Summary ▪ The special leave for women is given to female employees who have undergone surgery due to gynecological disorder.

Non-resident alien employees

1. Summary ▪ Foreigners or non-resident aliens are required to obtain an alien employment permit (AEP) prior to working in

Attorney’s Fees

Summary ▪ Attorney’s fees are awarded to employees in certain cases. ▪ Complainant-employee may be entitled to attorney’s fees despite

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Featured Articles

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Quitclaims, waivers, and releases

Quitclaims, waivers, releases (collectively referred herein as “quitclaims”) are legal documents signed by employees who absolve their employees from any and all liability

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Consequences of illegal dismissal

Consequences of illegal dismissal 1. Concept The following are the possible consequences for illegal dismissal: 1) Full Backwages 2) Reinstatement

Key Topics

Labor Standards

Paternity leave

Summary ▪ Paternity leave benefits are given to married male employees whose legal wife underwent delivery or miscarriage. ▪ The

Night Shift Differential Pay

Night shift differential pay is an additional pay for work between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the following day. Summary

Labor Standards

Labor standards refer to legally-mandated benefits required to be given to the employees by the employer or, in some cases,

Due Process

Substantive Due Process

Summary ▪ Substantive due process is divided into just causes or authorized causes. ▪ Just causes are grounds for termination

Willful disobedience

1. Summary ▪ To be valid, the just cause of willful disobedience of a lawful order should comply with prescribed

Regulated Industies

Private Security

DO-174 Contracting

Principal in Contracting

Summary ▪ Principal is the one who farms out or outsources a job or work in a contracting and subcontracting

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Labor-only Contracting

Summary ▪ Labor-only contracting is prohibited. ▪ It refers to an arrangement that violates the laws and regulations on contracting

Control in Contracting

Summary ▪ Controlling an employee is one of the rights and powers of the employer. ▪ As the employer., the

Contractor or Subcontractor

Summary ▪ A contractor or a subcontractor is registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as legitimate job

Overseas Employment

Employer's Rights

Management Prerogative

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