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Employment Contracts

Regular employment, probationary employment, project employment, etc.

HR Forms

Incident report, pay slip, 1st Written Notice (NTE), 2nd Written Notice (NOR/NOT), etc.

Company Policies

Drug-Free Policies, Mental Health Policies, HIV-AIDS Policies, Hepatities B Policies, etc.


Diagrams, tables, flow charts, scripts and dialogues, etc/

Our Track Record of Mentoring & Coaching

Primer: OSH Law (2018)

1. Summary ▪ Republic Act No. 11058, a.k.a. OSH Law, was passed in 2018. ▪ The OSH Law applies to

Labor Law Updates

Check out our primers for new Labor Laws, DOLE Regulations, Labor Jurisprudence, and more.

On Top

Solo Parent Leave

Summary ▪ Service incentive leaves are given to employees who may want to take a leave from work and still

DOLE Inspection Report

A DOLE Inspection Report is a notice of results issued by a DOLE inspector after conducting an inspection or audit over an establishment. The report is commonly known as “DOLE Findings.”

Certification election

The workers in a bargaining unit have the right to choose their sole and exclusive bargaining agent through the process

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Featured Articles

sign pen business document

Quitclaims, waivers, and releases

Quitclaims, waivers, releases (collectively referred herein as “quitclaims”) are legal documents signed by employees who absolve their employees from any and all liability

a man standing beside the brown box

Consequences of illegal dismissal

Consequences of illegal dismissal 1. Concept The following are the possible consequences for illegal dismissal: 1) Full Backwages 2) Reinstatement

Key Topics

Labor Standards

Solo Parent Leave

Summary ▪ Service incentive leaves are given to employees who may want to take a leave from work and still

Cases: Premium pay

The following are the related or relevant Labor Law Cases or Jurisprudence on the topic. 1) Covered and excluded employees

Due Process

Compressed Workweek Report

Summary The employer shall notify DOLE of the adoption of any of the above flexible work arrangements. Applicable laws, regulations

Willful disobedience

1. Summary ▪ To be valid, the just cause of willful disobedience of a lawful order should comply with prescribed

Pre- and Post-Employment

Labor Relations

Regulated Industies

Private Security

DO-174 Contracting

Principal in Contracting

Summary ▪ Principal is the one who farms out or outsources a job or work in a contracting and subcontracting

DO-174 Semi-Annual Reports

Summary DO-174 contractors are required to submit twice a year a report to DOLE. Applicable laws, regulations DOLE Department Order

Control in Contracting

Summary ▪ Controlling an employee is one of the rights and powers of the employer. ▪ As the employer., the

Overseas Employment

Employer's Rights

Management Prerogative

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