Cases: Sea-based workers, seafarers, mariners, ocean-going OFWs

1. POEA – Standard Employment Contract a. Mandatory 3-day medical examination with company-designated physician Malicdem v. Asia Bulk Transport Phils., Inc. G.R. No. 224753, 19 June 2019 [BACKGROUND] On June 1, 2011, [the employee] was hired by [the local agency] Asia Bulk Transport Phils, Inc. (ABTPI), in behalf of its foreign principal, SKM Korea Co., […]

Cases: OFWs dismissed from work

1. OFWS covered by security of tenure and due process a. Due process requirement 1) Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. v. Cabiles (2014) Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. v. Cabiles, En Banc, G.R. No. 170139, 05 August 2014 [BACKGROUND] [the employer – local agency], Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc., is a recruitment and placement agency. […]

Ban on direct-hiring for overseas employment 101

Summary ⦁ Employers, whether local or overseas, are prohibited from hiring Filipino workers for overseas employment. ⦁ There are exceptions. ⦁ If not falling under the exceptions, the employer has to contract with a duly licensed private employment agency for overseas employment. 1. Concept The ban on direct-hiring for overseas employment is found in P.D. […]