Thank you for taking interest.

As you my have learned, we are developing books and later on a courses on Labor Law specifically designed for students. Yes, we will be making it as simple and easy to understand as possible (crossing fingers here).

Now, we have been wondering if the content is something that the audience wants to learn. That would be you, the employee.

We’ve entered the workforce not being taught labor laws and regulations. Our schooling may have prepared us with the knowledge and skills that are necessary for work. However, we have never really been taught about labor laws and regulations, such as what are different kinds of employment arrangements (regular, probationary, project, etc.), what are the rules on salaries/wages and benefits (SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG), and our right to due process in the unlikely event that we commit violations.

Hence, many us learn about these things only when something already happens – and the results are usually not good. Some even get fired from their jobs.

We want to change this.

In line with our vision to increase awareness and application of Philippine Labor Laws in the workplace, we aim to teach employees as early as possible labor laws through books and courses.

– Atty. Jericho (Jake) Del Puerto


Notice: By way of thank-you for filling-up the survey, you’ll receive an eBook copy of the first draft of the book entitled: “Labor Law for Employees.” It will be sent on/before 15 February 2021 to your email address.