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Cases: Moonlighting

1. Moonlighting a. Unauthorized use of company time Capitol Wireless, Inc. v. Balagot G.R. No. 169016, 31 January 2007 [BACKGROUND] At around 3:35 p.m. of

Cases: Service incentive leave

These are the related Labor Law Cases or Jurisprudence. 1. Covered employees a. Covered employees 1) Rank-and-file employees Ramil v. Stoneleaf Inc. G.R. No. 222416,

Cases: OFWs dismissed from work

1. OFWS covered by security of tenure and due process a. Due process requirement 1) Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. v. Cabiles (2014) Sameer Overseas

Cases: Premium pay

The following are the related or relevant Labor Law Cases or Jurisprudence on the topic. 1) Covered and excluded employees Peñaranda v. Bagana Plywood Corporation

Cases: Holiday pay

1. Covered and excluded Clientlogic Philippines, Inc. v. Castro G.R. No. 186070, 11 April 2011 [RESOLUTION] [The employers] argue in the main that, as a

Cases: Night shift differential pay

The following are the Labor Law Cases or Jurisprudence on night shift differential pay. 1) CBA provides higher rate for night shift pay? Lepanto Consolidated

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Ban on direct-hiring for overseas employment 101

Summary ⦁ Employers, whether local or overseas, are prohibited from hiring Filipino workers for overseas employment. ⦁ There are exceptions. ⦁ If not falling under the exceptions, the employer has to contract with