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Labor Law Topics

Philippine Labor Law is composed of various topics, from pre-, during, and post-employment.
There are also special labor laws and regulations for regulated industries.

Management Prerogative

The inherent right of employers to regulate all aspects of employment


Job ads, pre-employment requirements, interview, etc.

Labor Standards

Holiday pay, overtime pay, separation pay, etc.

Working Conditions

Workday, workweek, short rest, meal period, overtime work, etc.

Safety & Health

Work safety, personal protective equipment, worker’s health, etc.

Due Process

Just causes, authorized causes, due process, investigation, etc.

Labor Relations

Collective Bargaining Agreement, Labor Organizations, Unions, etc.


Resignation, clearance, COE, post-employment restrictions, etc.

Overseas Employment

Overseas Filipino Workers, foreign employers, recruitment firms, etc.

Regulated Industries

Contracting & Subcontracting, Private Security, Construction, etc.