Labor Law PH is about creating better workplaces

Learning Philippine employment and labor law is about creating better workplaces, where both employers and employees mutual enjoy the benefits of workplace safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Our Philosophy

Designed and built for you

Labor Law PH is designed and built on these 3 core principles.
We want our audience to get the best out of our online resources.

Audience in mind

We always have you — our audience — in mind whenever we make content.

Easy to understand

We make sure that our content is as easy to understand as possible for all levels of learning.

Practical knowledge

We focus on giving practical knowledge that you can use at your workplaces.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is simple:

To be the primary resource and learning site for Philippine labor and employment.

Thus, our mission are as follows:

1) To build a knowledgebase of Philippine labor laws, regulations, and jurisprudence;

2) To provide legal education to both employers and employees; and

3) To extend resources and references for improving human resource practice.

What people are saying

I am a small business owner. It can be overwhelming at first to learn about labor laws. With this site, I have been able to understand it in a simple and easy manner.
Teresa B.
Business Owner
This is the most comprehensive online resource that I have found on Philippine labor laws. Good job! I hope you keep it up so that you can help others more with your content.
Elizabeth Q.
HR Manager
Thank you for this website! I have recently been promoted to a supervisory role in human resources. The information here has been very valuable in my work.
Alyssa D.
HR Supervisor
I was able to learn about my rights and duties as an employee through Labor Law PH. More power and thank you for the valuable information that you have been sharing!
Kian C.

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