Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies – in online language, refer to a small/micro file that may be downloaded to your device to help websites customize delivery of information/data to you as an individual depending on your preferences, particularly those that you have previously communicated through various means, such as likes, dislikes, ratings, and more.

Your consent

Through your continued use and access to our platform, you unconditionally agree to the use of cookies on your devices. Please note that you may accept or decline cookies via the notification/pop-up request or your browser settings. If you refuse, kindly note that some of your previously communicated preferences and other functionalities of our platform may not be available.

Why do we use cookies?

On our end, we use cookies to help us develop better and more responsive content to our users, as well as improve our services and/or provide new ones. Cookies gives us the data needed to know which of our content and/or services help a lot of our users.

Notwithstanding, please be advised that cookies do not give us any access to your devices or to your personal information, except for those that you have freely chosen to submit/share with us.

What data/information is collected/stored?

The data/information that is collected/stored relates to user engagement/activity, such as pageviews or sessions, duration of use, devices being used included their IP addresses, operating systems, browsers, online advertising, and similar therewith, as well as those submitted/shared by our users including mobile numbers, emails, ratings, and preferences. These information are automatically gathered albeit temporarily stored in small log files and, after some time, are removed from your devices or should you elect to do so via the browser settings.

Do you share cookies with other websites?

No, we do not share cookies with other websites.