Contractor’s employees


⦁ The employees of a contractor or a subcontractor may be deployed personnel or administrative personnel.

⦁ The contractor's or subcontractor's employees enjoy the same rights and benefits as any other employee under labor laws.

⦁ The Contractor’s employees are required to be provided a written employment contract.

⦁ In case of expiration of the Service Agreement, the contractor's employees have several options, one of which will entitle them to separation benefits.

1. Employees of a Contractor or Subcontractor

The contractor’s or subcontractor’s employees may be deployed personnel or administrative personnel.

a. Deployed or assigned personnel

Under DO-174, a contractor’s employee refers to “employee of the contractor hired to perform or complete a job or work performed by the principal pursuant to a Service Agreement with the latter.” (Section 3(e), DO-174)

If a contractor’s employee is deployed or assigned at premises of the principal to perform the work therein, he/she is often referred to as a deployed or assigned personnel.

b. Administrative personnel

A contractor may hire employees as administrative personnel, who may work in the prin...


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