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Management PrerogManagement prerogative refers to the employer's bundle of rights to manage an establishment.

Labor StandardsGeneral labor standards refer to legally mandated benefits owing to covered employees.

Due ProcessDue process refers to the proper and legal way to terminate or severe employment relations.

Pre-EmploymentPre-employment refers to the aspects on/before the start of the engagement or work.

Working ConditionsWorking conditions refer to the conditions of work and how work should be done.

Safety & HealthSafety and health refers to regulations governing workplace safety and health to protect employees.

Labor RelationsLabor relations refer to collective bargaining between the employer and labor organizations.

Post-EmploymentPost-Employment refers to matters that follow the end of an employee's employment.

ContractingContracting and subcontracting refers to the farming or outsourcing of a job, work, or service.

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Labor Standards

No Work, No Pay


Email as Employment Contract

Labor Law

Abbott Laboratories v. Alcaraz (2013)

Employee Ranks

Employee Ranks


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