Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, joining the membership is absolutely free.

For your password, please note that you simply have to logout and then login. Then, click forgot password to set up your password.

You will be able to access exclusive free content such as Labor Law courses, articles, videos, podcasts, and updates. These content and resources will help you with your journey towards mastering Philippine Labor Law.

Yes, you can explore all available paid membership plans inside your account. In addition to the free content, paid memberships have additional content delivered every week, including but not limited to, Basic/Advanced Labor Law Courses and , Primers to New Labor Laws and DOLE Regulations, Best Legal Practices, Labor Law Cases, Video Lessons, Podcast Episodes, HR Forms and Employment Contracts, and Toolkit (PDF, charts, tables, etc.), as well as group coaching and individual one-one-mentoring.

The reasons may be any of the following:

1) The content is not yet available — as it is being developed and/or updated; – or –
2) The content you are trying to access is available for those with a paid membership plan (indicator: redirect to an unauthorized page).

If you have a paid membership plan and you are unable to access content linked to your plan, feel free to reach our via our: Contact Us.

Yes, there are two (2) certificates that may be issued to a student.

First, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who completed the course and/or Masterclass – including assignments, tests, and exams.

Second, a Certificate of Labor Law Mastery – Level 1will be issued to those who want to be certified – subject to passing a special and separate examination, including an oral examination and a written examination.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources into creating our content, from researching, writing, editing, designing, video editing, website development, and so on. What you are thus seeing or consuming is the output of several individuals who contributed various their knowledge, skills, and talent into making this happen. We owe them the respect and gratitude for their hard work and dedication. And, it starts with acknowledging and upholding their intellectual property rights.

As we repeatedly remind our members, fair warning to all bad actors intending to pirate or violate our intellectual property.

1) For the membership plans:

  • The content are dynamic and continually evolving. To help shape what content to develop and prioritize, feel free to provide us with your Feedback.
  • Labor Law is a vast subject and certain regulations are industry-specific, such as those which apply only to business process outsourcing, DO-174 contractors, security firms, factories and plants,  and so on. It would thus help us if we receive feedback as to which to prioritize.

2) For the mentoring programs — Masterclass, Certification Courses, Workshops, etc.:

  • While video lectures are provided, learning is primarily via case-method as it is the most effective way to learn. This means you will be provided with reading materials to read in order to absorb the lessons well.
  • Video lessons help only to a certain extent in terms of reminding you on key areas. What really matters – and counts in the end – is your knowledge and skills, which you will learn from the experiences of others through the Labor Law cases.