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Our vision is to increase awareness and application of Labor Law in the workplace.

Our mission is to build a knowledgebase of labor laws and regulations, provide legal education to both employers and employees, and extend resources and tools for improving human resources in every workplace.

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We develop responsive content by collaborating and listening to the needs and requirements of our members.


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We understand that results matter and thus we make it our goal to produce outputs that matter.


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We value continuous improvement so we can deliver better services and content.

The Mentor

Atty. Jericho (Jake) Del Puerto

Mentor & Coach

He has taught MBA students at a reputable university, coached business owners and HR managers, and mentored leaders of different organizations.

Author & Writer

He has authored several business and law books that are being used in business schools, Government offices, and private companies. He regularly writes articles to update LaborLaw.PH.

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