Assumption of jurisdiction power by the DOLE Secretary

1. Concept

When, in his opinion, there exists a labor dispute causing or likely to cause a strike or lockout in an industry indispensable to the national interest, the Secretary of Labor and Employment may assume jurisdiction over the dispute and decide it or certify the same to the Commission for compulsory arbitration. Such assumption or certification shall have the effect of automatically enjoining the intended or impending strike or lockout as specified in the assumption or certification order. If one has already taken place at the time of assumption or certification, all striking or locked out employees shall immediately return to work and the employer shall immediately resume operations and readmit all workers under the same terms and conditions prevailing before the strike or lockout. The Secretary of Labor and Employment or the Commission may seek the assistance of law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with this provision as well as with such orders as he may issue to enforce the same. (Article 278 [263] (g), P.D. 442, Labor Code)

a. Police power

After martial law was lifted and democracy was restored, the assumption of jurisdiction in Art. 263(g) has now been viewed as an exercise of the police power of the State with the aim of promoting the common good. (YSS Employees Union – Philippine Transport and General Workers Organization v. YSS Laboratories, Inc., G.R. No.155125, 04 December 2009)

The powers given to the DOLE Secretary under Article 263...


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