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1. Concepts “Picketing” – refers to the right of workers to march to and fro before an establishment involved in […]

Lockout by the employer

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1. Concepts Lockout – refers to the temporary refusal of an employer to furnish work as a result of a […]

Voluntary arbitration

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1. Concepts “Voluntary arbitration” – refers to the mode of settling labor-management disputes by which the parties select a competent, […]

Grievance Machinery

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1. Concepts Grievance machinery – refers to a system of resolving grievances aired by employees, including but not limited to, […]

Certification election

The workers in a bargaining unit have the right to choose their sole and exclusive bargaining agent through the process […]

CBA terms

The terms in a collective bargaining agreement are primarily governed by the stipulations between the employer and the exclusive bargaining […]

Duty to bargain

The duty to bargain in good faith is mandated on both the employer and the employee’s sole and exclusive bargaining […]

Bargaining unit

Summary ▪ A bargaining unit is a group of employees sought to be represented by a petitioning union. ▪ There […]