1. Concepts

“Picketing” – refers to the right of workers to march to and fro before an establishment involved in a labor dispute generally accompanied by the carrying and displaying of signs, placards, and banners intended to inform the public about the dispute. (No. 27, Rule III, The Revised National Conciliation and Mediation Board Manual of Procedures for Conciliation and Prevention Mediation Cases, 2017 edition, henceforth the “2017 NCMB Manual”)

A picket simply means to march to and from the employer’s premises, usually accompanied by the display of placards and other signs making known the facts involved in a labor dispute. (PHIMCO Industries, Inc. v. PHIMCO Industries Labor Association [PILA], supra.)

As applied to a labor dispute, to picket means the stationing of one or more persons to observe and attempt to observe. The purpose of pickets is said to be a means of peaceable persuasion. (Santa Rosa Coca-Cola Plant Employees Union v. Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils., Inc., G.R. Nos. 164302-03. 24 January 2007)

Picket is a strike activity separate and different from the actual stoppage of work. (Ibid.)

a. Picket v. Strike

PicketStrikePicketing focuses on publicizing the labor dispute and its incidents to inform the public of what is happening in the company struck against. (PHIMCO Industries Inc. v. PILA, G.R. No. 170830, 11 August 2010)A strike focuses on stoppage of work. (Ibid.)A picket simply means to march to and from the employer’s premises, usually ac...


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