Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

1. Concept

“Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)” – refers to a person who is to be engaged, is engaged, or has been engaged in a remunerated activity in a State of which the person is not a citizen, or on board a vessel navigating the foreign seas other than a government ship used for military or noncommercial purposes, or on an installation located offshore or on the high seas. (Section 7[g], R.A. 10801, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Act)

a. Upholding the dignity of OFWs


⦁ We face a diaspora of Filipinos. Their travails and their heroism can be told a million times over; each of their stories as real as any other. Overseas Filipino workers brave alien cultures and the heartbreak of families left behind daily. They would count the minutes, hours, days, months, and years yearning to see their sons and daughters. We all know of the joy and sadness when they come home to see them all grown up and, being so, they remember what their work has cost them. Twitter accounts, Facetime, and many other gadgets and online applications will never substitute for their lost physical presence.

⦁ Unknown to them, they keep our economy afloat through the ebb and flow of political and economic crises. They are our true diplomats, they who show the world the resilience, patience, and creativity of our people. Indeed, we are a people who contribute much to the provision of material creations of...


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