Cases: OFWs Dismissed from Work

1. OFWS covered by security of tenure and due process

a. Due process requirement

1) Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. v. Cabiles (2014)

Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc. v. Cabiles, En Banc, G.R. No. 170139, 05 August 2014


[the employer - local agency], Sameer Overseas Placement Agency, Inc., is a recruitment and placement agency. Responding to an ad it published, [the employee], [[the employee] C. – henceforth the “employee”], submitted her application for a quality control job in Taiwan.

[The employee]’s application was accepted. [The employee] was later asked to sign a one year employment contract for a monthly salary of NT$15,360.00. She alleged that Sameer Overseas Agency required her to pay a placement fee of ₱70,000.00 when she signed the employment contract.

[The employee] was deployed to work for Taiwan Wacoal, Co. Ltd. (Wacoal) on June 26, 1997. She alleged that in her employment contract, she agreed to work as quality control for one year. In Taiwan, she was asked to work as a cutter.

Sameer Overseas Placement Agency claims that on July 14, 1997, a certain Mr. Huwang from Wacoal informed [the employee], without prior notice, that she was terminated and that “she should immediately report to their office to get her salary and passport.” She was asked to “prepare for immediate repatriation.”

[The employee] claims that she was told that from June 26 to July 14, 1997, she only earned a total of NT$9,000.15 According to...

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