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Debt collection industry

1. Concepts “Collection Entity” or “Agency” – refers to a person or entity engaged in purely collection services on delinquent and/or past due accounts of

Duty detail order, Private Security

1. Concept Duty Detail Order – refers to a written order/schedule/assignment issued to a security guard and other private security personnel by a superior officer,

Statutory benefits, Private Security

1. Coverage of benefits Security guards and other private security personnel are entitled to not less than the following benefits depending on the working hours,

Labor-only Contracting

Summary ▪ Labor-only contracting is prohibited. ▪ It refers to an arrangement that violates the laws and regulations on contracting and job contracting. ▪ All

Control in Contracting

Summary ▪ Controlling an employee is one of the rights and powers of the employer. ▪ As the employer., the contractor or subcontractor controls the

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Labor organization unfair labor practices

Employers may be held liable for unfair labor practices if they interfere with their employees right to self-organization. 1. Concept “Unfair labor practices” – violate the constitutional right of workers and employees to

Cases: Willful Disobedience

1. Transfer of employees Transfer of employees is a management prerogative. Running a business is filled with difficulties and challenges, particularly when it comes to managing human resource. As such, the employer is

Serious Misconduct 101

1. Concept Serious misconduct must be grave and aggravated in character. The ground of serious misconduct tends to be the most commonly cited just cause for termination. Curiously, it also happens to be