Employment terms and conditions, Private Security

1. Employer-employee relationship

The Security Service Contractor / Private Security Agency (SSC/PSA) is the employer of its security guards and other private security personnel on duty detail to a principal or client under a Service Agreement. (Section 3.1, D.O. No. 150, Series of 2016)


1) Private Security Personnel – refers to natural persons, including private detectives, security consultants and security officers, employed by private security agency or firm, to render security and/or detective services. (Section 2[f], Ibid.)

2) Security Service Contractor (SSC) – is synonymous with Private Security Agency (PSA) which refers to any person, association, partnership, firm, or private corporation engaged in contracting, recruitment, training, furnishing, or posting of security guard and other private security personnel to individuals, corporations, offices and organizations, whether private or public, for their security needs as the Philippine National Police (PNP) may approve. (Section 2[i], Ibid.)

3) Security Guard – refers to any person who offers or renders personal service to watch or secure a residence, business establishment, building, compound, any other area or property; or inspects, monitors, or performs body checks or searches of individuals or baggage and other forms of security inspection. (Section 2[h], Ibid.)

2. Status of employment

a. Regardless of verbal and written employment contract

Notwithstanding any oral or written stipu...


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