SSC/PSA Service Agreements, Private Security

1. Concept

Service Agreement – refers to the contract between the principal and the Security Service Contractor / Private Security Agency (SSC/PSA) containing the terms and conditions governing the performance or completion of security service, job, or work being farmed out for a definite or predetermined period. (Section 2[j], D.O. No. 150, Series of 2016)

2. Required stipulations on the Service Agreement

The Service Agreement must conform to the DOLE Standard Computation and Standard Service Agreement as provided under this Guidelines. (Section 4, Ibid.)

The Service Agreement shall stipulate, among others:

1) The specific description of the kind or nature of security job, work, or service being subcontracted;

2) The place of work and terms and conditions governing the contracting arrangement which shall include the agreed amount of the security services to be rendered and the standard administrative fee of not less than twenty percent (20%) of the total contract cost;

3) The basic equipment to be provided by the SSC/PSA which shall be as follows: (a) For every two (2) security guards and other private security personnel, one (1) handgun as prescribed by R.A. 5487; but in no case shall a security guard be posted without a firearm, unless required otherwise by the client; and (b) one (1) handheld radio; Provided that, if the principal requires more than these basic equipment, it shall be shouldered by the principal;

4) An “automatic crediting prov...


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