Permanent Employees

1. Concept

“Permanent employees” – refers to employees who have been given permanent appointment/employment.

2. Government service

The term “permanent employee” is usually used only in the Government service once employees are given their permanent appointment after having passed civil service eligibility. On the other hand, in the private sector, there is no such thing as a permanent employee nor a permanent employment contract.

a. Permanent appointment

Employees who have been qualified for Government Service after passing civil service eligibility are usually provided permanent appointment. Consequently, they are usually referred to as permanent employees.

The common belief is that permanent employees in the Government service are hired for life or that they remained employment until they retire, die, or become incapacitated. Thus, there are many who associate permanent employment as lifetime employment.

However, it should be noted that, despite being called permanent employees, they are still subject to the laws and regulations on civil service, particularly on the rules governing administrative cases. If they commit grave and serious infractions or violations, they may be subjected to disciplinary action, which includes dismissal from service as the highest form of penalty.

It is thus incorrect to think that permanent employees in the Government Service that they cannot be removed from the service.

3. Private sector

In the private sector, Ph...


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