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Industrial workers are those who perform work in or about a home. 1. Concepts “Employer of homeworkers” – includes any person, natural or artificial who,

Night workers

Night worker means any employed person whose work requires performance of a substantial number of hours of night work which exceeds a specified limit. This

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1. Concept As used in R.A. 11165, the term “telecommuting” refers to a work from an alternative workplace with the use of telecommunications and/or computer technologies. (Section 3, R.A. 11165, Telecommuting Act) Telecommuting

FAQ: Night shift differential pay

Answers to frequently asked questions on night shift differential pay in the Philippines. 1) What is the difference between night shift differential pay and night shift pay? There is no difference between night

Seafarers question quitclaims after receiving payment

The employees were hired as seafarers/fishermen by the employers, a group of foreign fishing companies operating at the coastal and offshore area of Cape Verde Islands. Sometime thereafter, fishing operations ceased resulting in