Contracting & Subcontracting

Contracting & subcontracting refers to the contracting out of work, services, or a job to individuals who are independent contractors or to registered businesses who engage in contracting.

Contracting & Subcontracting 101

Things you need to know

• Contracting via Registered Businesses

a. Trilateral Relationship

Principal or Client

Contractor or Subcontractor

Contractor’s Employees

b. Requirements for permissible job contracting

• Requirements for permissible job contracting

c. Bond

• Bond in contracting or subcontracting

c. DOLE Compliance

• DOLE Registration

• DOLE Certification

• DO-174 Semi-Annual Reports

Labor-only Contracting

Control in Contracting

• Burden of Proof: Contracting and Subcontracting

• Solidary Liability