Discrimination against women is prohibited.

1. Concepts

“Women” – as contemplated by current labor law refers to workers who are anatomically or biologically classified as a female.

2. Facilities for Women

The Secretary of Labor and Employment shall establish standards that will ensure the safety and health of women employees. In appropriate cases, he shall, by regulations, require any employer to:

1) Provide seats proper for women and permit them to use such seats when they are free from work and during working hours, provided they can perform their duties in this position without detriment to efficiency;

2) To establish separate toilet rooms and lavatories for men and women and provide at least a dressing room for women;

3) To establish a nursery in a workplace for the benefit of the women employees therein; and

4) To determine appropriate minimum age and other standards for retirement or termination in special occupations such as those of flight attendants and the like. (Article 130, P.D. 442, Labor Code)

3. Maternity Leave

For more information, see Maternity Leave

4. Family Planning Services

Establishments which are required by law to maintain a clinic or infirmary shall provide free family planning services to their employees which shall include, but not be limited to, the application or use of contraceptive pills and intrauterine devices. (Article 132[a], Ibid.)

a. Incentives for Family Planning

In coordination with other agenc...


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