Abasolo v. NLRC (2000)

CASE DETAILSCase Title                          Abasolo v. NLRCCitationG.R. No. 119475, November 29, 2000Penned byDe Leon, Jr., J.

1. Background

• [The Company] La Union Tobacco Redrying Corporation (LUTORCO), which is owned by private respondent See Lin Chan, is engaged in the business of buying, selling, redrying and processing of tobacco leaves and its by-products. Tobacco season starts sometime in October of every year when tobacco farmers germinate their seeds in plots until they are ready for replanting in November. The harvest season starts in mid-February. Then, the farmers sell the harvested tobacco leaves to redrying plants or do the redrying themselves. The redrying plant of LUTORCO receives tobacco for redrying at the end of February and starts redrying in March until August or September.

• [The Complainants] have been under the employ of LUTORCO for several years until their employment with LUTORCO was abruptly interrupted sometime in March 1993 when Compania General de Tabaccos de Filipinas (also known as TABACALERA) took over LUTORCO’s tobacco operations. New signboards were posted indicating a change of ownership and [the Complainants] were then asked by LUTORCO to file their respective applications for employment with TABACALERA. [the Complainants] were caught unaware of the sudden change of ownership and its effect on the sta...

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