Five J Taxi v. NLRC (1994)

Five J Taxi v. NLRC, G.R. No. 111474, August 22, 1994, Regalado, J.:

1. Background

• [The Complainants] Domingo Maldigan and Gilberto Sabsalon were hired by [the Company] as taxi drivers 2 and, as such, they worked for 4 days weekly on a 24-hour shifting schedule. Aside from the daily "boundary" of P700.00 for air-conditioned taxi or P450.00 for non-air-conditioned taxi, they were also required to pay P20.00 for car washing, and to further make a P15.00 deposit to answer for any deficiency in their "boundary," for every actual working day.

• Sometime in 1989, Maldigan requested [the Company] for the reimbursement of his daily cash deposits for 2 years, but herein [the Company] told him that not a single centavo was left of his deposits as these were not even enough to cover the amount spent for the repairs of the taxi he was driving. This was allegedly the practice adopted by [the Company] to recoup the expenses incurred in the repair of their taxicab units. When Maldigan insisted on the refund of his deposit, [the Company] terminated his services. Sabsalon, on his part, claimed that his termination from employment was effected when he refused to pay for the washing of his taxi seat covers.

2. SC Decision/Resolution

• Respondent NLRC held that the P15.00 daily deposits made by respondents to defray any shortage in their "boundary" is covered by the general prohibition in Article 114 of the Labor Code against requiring employees to make deposits, and that there...

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