Guide OSH Law (2018)

1. Summary

▪ Republic Act No. 11058, a.k.a. OSH Law, was passed in 2018.

▪ The OSH Law applies to all establishments, projects, and sites.

2. Concept

Republic Act No. 11058, a.k.a. the “OSH Law”, shall apply to all establishments, projects, sites, including Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) establishments, and all other places where work is being undertaken in all other places where work is being undertaken in all branches of economic activity, except in public sector. (Section 2, R.A. 11058)

The Secretary of Labor and Employment shall issue the number of employees, and nature of operations, and the risk or hazard involved. (Paragraph 2, Section 2, Ibid.)

a. Key terms

Certified first-aider – refers to any person trained and duly certified to administer first aid by the Philippine Red Cross or any organization authorized by the Secretary of Labor and Employment. (Section 3[a], Ibid.)

Competency standards – refers to industry-determined specification of proficiency required for effective work performance. These are expressed as outcomes with focus on workplace activity rather than training or personal attributes, and the ability to apply new skills in new situations or changing work organization. (Section 3[b], Ibid.)

Covered workplaces – refer to establishments, projects, sites and all other places where work is being undertaken wherein the number of employee, nature of operations, and risk or hazard involved in the business, as determined b...

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