Work assignments

Work assignments refer to the work-related tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

Working methods

Working methods refer to the processes, steps, or methodology to do a particular work.

Bonus or special incentive

1. Concept “Bonus” – refers to a gratuity or act of liberality of the giver which the recipient has no right to demand as a matter of right. It is something given in addition to what is ordinarily received by or strictly due the recipient. (Philippine National Construction Corporation v. NLRC, PNCC-TOEWU, G.R. No. 117240, […]

Productivity standards

1. Concept An employer is entitled to impose productivity standards for its employees, and the latter’s non-compliance therewith can lead to his termination from work. (Puncia v. Toyota Shaw/Pasig, Inc., G.R. No. 214399, 28 June 2016) An employer is entitled to impose productivity standards for its workers, and in fact, non-compliance may be visited with […]

Mental health, mandatory policy

1. Preliminary DOLE Department Order No. 53, Series of 2003 (“DO-53”) provides for the Drug-Free Workplace Policies and Programs Guidelines for the Implementation of a Drug-Free Workplace Polices and Programs for the Private Sector (the “Guidelines”) DOLE Department Order No. 208, Series of 2020 (“DO-208”)provides for the Guidelines for the Implementation of Mental Health Workplace […]

FAQ: Management prerogative

What is management prerogative? Management prerogative is the bundle of rights inherent to the employer who gets to decide all aspects of employment, from pre-employment to post-employment, unless limited or regulated by labor law. What are examples of management prerogative? The exercise of management prerogative may come in various forms, such as implementing workplace policies […]

Retraction letter

Summary ▪ A retraction letter is a formal written notice from the employer informing a job candidate of the withdrawal of the employment offer. 1. Concept A retraction letter is a formal written notice from the employer informing a job candidate who have been signed for employment that the latter is being withdrawn. a. Validity […]

Mandatory Workplace Policies and Programs

Summary ▪ Mandatory workplace policies and programs refers to policies and programs legally required by law or regulation to be developed and implemented in the workplace. ▪ In contrast to mandatory workplace policies and programs, company-initiated policies and programs are those developed and implemented by the employer as an exercise of its management prerogative. 1. […]

Promotion of an employee

Summary ▪ Promotion is the advancement of a position with an increase in duties and responsibilities. ▪ Increase of salary is incidental, and not required. ▪ Acceptance by an employee is required for a promotion to be valid. 1. Concept Promotion – refers to the advancement from one position to another with an increase in […]

Lay-off and recall of employees

1. Summary ▪ Lay-off and recall of employees are included in the employer’s management prerogative. ▪ Lay-off may be temporary or permanent. ▪ Recall of employees apply only to temporarily laid-off employees. 2. Concepts “Under the doctrine of management prerogative, every employer has the inherent right to regulate, according to his own discretion and judgment, […]