Working methods

1. Concept

“Working methods” – refer to the processes, steps, or methodology to do a particular work.

a. Management prerogative

What would be the working methods to be used in doing work is a management prerogative.

“Under the doctrine of management prerogative, every employer has the inherent right to regulate, according to his own discretion and judgment, all aspects of employment, including… working method.” (Rural Bank of Cantilan, Inc. v. Julve, G.R. No. 169750, 27 February 2007)

2. Processes, steps, methodology

Even in similar businesses in the same industry, there is the possibility that they have different processes, steps, or methodology that they employ in doing work. One company may be more reliant on analog means or manpower, while another may build a workflow around the use of digital technology.

a. Systems

In a much more complex businesses/industries, employers often adopt systems that the workforce uses to ensure that work is properly done, particularly for those areas that require constant monitoring as in the case of machines and equipment.

3. Employee’s responsibility

It is the responsibility of the employees to observe the workplaces processes, steps, and methodology. Generally, these have been put in place by the management as a result of careful study and though, especially if there have been numerous incidents/accidents in the past that prompted re-evaluation of current metho...


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