Mental Health Workplace Policy

1. Preliminary

DOLE Department Order No. 53, Series of 2003 (“DO-53”) provides for the Drug-Free Workplace Policies and Programs Guidelines for the Implementation of a Drug-Free Workplace Polices and Programs for the Private Sector (the “Guidelines”)

DOLE Department Order No. 208, Series of 2020 (“DO-208”)provides for the Guidelines for the Implementation of Mental Health Workplace Policies and Programs for the Private Sector (the “Guidelines”).

2. Scope and coverage

[The Guidelines] apply to all workplaces and establishments in the formal sector including those which deploy Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). (Section 2, DOLE Department Order No. 53, Series of 2003)

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) shall likewise formulate policy guidelines that will integrate the promotion of mental health and the identification and management of mental health problems, including provision of assistance to OFWs and other Filipinos overseas who are at risk or with mental health problems in accordance with the existing health related rules and regulations in providing assistance to OFWs and their families. (Paragraph 2, Section 2, Ibid.)

3. Formulation of mental health policy and program

It is mandatory for all workplaces and establishments to formulate a Mental Health Workplace Policy and Program, which shall include the following:

1) Raise awareness, prevent stigma and discrimination, provide support to workers who are at risk and/or with mental health co...


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