Work Supervision

1. Summary

⦁ Work supervision is a management prerogative.

⦁ Employers are required to observe due diligence in the supervision of its employees.

⦁ Employers are vicariously liable for injury committed to third persons by their employees while doing their work.

2. Concept

“Under the doctrine of management prerogative, every employer has the inherent right to regulate, according to his own discretion and judgment, all aspects of employment, including… work supervision.” (Rural Bank of Cantilan, Inc. v. Julve, G.R. No. 169750, 27 February 2007)

Work supervision – refers to the oversight, guidance, and direction on the employee in matters relating to work.

3. Due diligence in supervision

Due diligence in the supervision of employees includes the formulation of suitable rules and regulations for the guidance of employees and the issuance of proper instructions intended for the protection of the public and persons with whom the employer has relations through his or its employees and the imposition of necessary disciplinary measures upon employees in case of breach or as may be warranted to ensure the performance of acts indispensable to the business of and beneficial to their employer. To this, we add that actual implementation and monitoring of consistent compliance with said rules should be the constant concern of the employer, acting through dependable supervisors who should regularly report on their supervisory functions. (Metro Manila Transit Corporat...


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