Time, Place, and Manner of Work

1. Summary

▪ Time, place, and manner of work is a management prerogative.

▪ Manner of work includes working methods and work assignments.

2. Concepts

The time of work refers to the time when the work starts and ends, including work schedules and work shifts, among others.

The place of work refers to the place where work is to be performed or done, including the Company’s office, a work site such as a manufacturing facility or another place outside the office, deployment to a client’s work premises, telecommuting areas such as in shared offices or at the employee’s home, among others.

The manner of work refers to the working methods to be observed, including systems and processes, technology and devices, reporting and submitting outputs, as well as work assignments in terms of who are best suited to perform a particular work, among others.

“Under the doctrine of management prerogative, every employer has the inherent right to regulate, according to his own discretion and judgment, all aspects of employment, including… the time, place and manner of work.” (Rural Bank of Cantilan, Inc. v. Julve, G.R. No. 169750, 27 February 2007)

3. Time of work

The time of work is included in management prerogative.

Currently, there is no labor law nor regulation that regulates the starting time for work, work schedules that may be adopted in established, nor work shifts that may be implemented in certain industries, among others. Labor law only provides for the 8...


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