Tuberculosis prevention and control, mandatory policy

1. Preliminary

DOLE Department Order No. 73, Series of 2005 provides for the Guidelines for The Implementation of Policy and Program On Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention And Control The Workplace (the, “Guidelines”)

[The] guidelines… apply to all establishments, workplaces and worksites in the private sector. (Section A, DOLE D.O. 73, Series of 2005)

2. Formulation of workplace policy and program on TB prevention and control

a. Mandatory for the private sector

It shall be mandatory for all private establishments, workplaces and worksites to formulate and implement a TB prevention and control policy and program. (Section B[1], Ibid.)

b. Integral to OSH workplace programs

The workplace policy and program shall be made an integral part of the enterprise’s occupational safety and health and other related workplace programs. A workplace health and safety committee shall be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the workplace TB policy and program. (Section B[2], Ibid.)

c. Joint development

Management and labor representatives shall jointly develop the TB workplace policy and program aligned with EO 187 and the CUP. (Section B[3], Ibid.)

d. CBA

In organized establishments, the workplace policy and program shall, as much as possible, be included as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA). (Section B[4], Ibid.)

3. Components of a TB workplace prevention & control policy and program

The TB Workplace policy and program to be a...


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