HIV-AIDS prevention and control, mandatory policy

1. Preliminary

DOLE Department Order No. 102, Series of 2010 provides for the Guidelines for the Implementation of HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control in the Workplace Program (the “Guidelines”)

The guideline[s]… apply to all workplaces and establishments in the private sector. (Section I, DOLE Department Order No. 102, Series of 2010)

2. Formulation of workplace policy and program

It is mandatory for all private workplaces to have a policy on HIV and AIDS and to implement a workplace program in accordance with the RA 8504 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, the goals of the DOLE National Workplace Policy, the provisions of the Labor Code and other International Standards (e.g. ILO Code of Practice on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work). (Section II[A], Ibid.)

a. Occupational safety and health

The HIV and AIDS workplace policy and program may be a separate policy and program or integrated into existing occupational safety and health policy and program of the establishment. (Section II[B], Ibid.)

b. Collaborative

There shall be collaborative efforts from the management and the workers representatives in the development and the implementation of the policy and program. (Section II[C], Ibid.)

c. Collective bargaining agreements

In establishment/workplace where there exists an organization of workers/workers union, the policy and program may be included as provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreements. (Section III[D], Ibid.)

3. Comp...


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