Yrasuegi v. Philippine Airlines, Inc. (2008)

Yrasuegi v. Philippine Airlines, Inc., G.R. No. 168081, October 17, 2008, Reyes, R.T., J.

1. Background

• THIS case portrays the peculiar story of an international flight steward who was dismissed because of his failure to adhere to the weight standards of the airline company.

• [The employee] [A.G.] Yrasuegui was a former international flight steward of Philippine Airlines, Inc. (PAL). He stands five feet and eight inches (5’8”) with a large body frame. The proper weight for a man of his height and body structure is from 147 to 166 pounds, the ideal weight being 166 pounds, as mandated by the Cabin and Crew Administration Manual1 of PAL.

• The weight problem of [the employee] dates back to 1984. Back then, PAL advised him to go on an extended vacation leave from December 29, 1984 to March 4, 1985 to address his weight concerns. Apparently, [the employee] failed to meet the company’s weight standards, prompting another leave without pay from March 5, 1985 to November 1985.

• After meeting the required weight, [the employee] was allowed to return to work. But [the employee]’s weight problem recurred. He again went on leave without pay from October 17, 1988 to February 1989.

• On April 26, 1989, [the employee] weighed 209 pounds, 43 pounds over his ideal weight. In line with company policy, he was removed from flight duty effective May 6, 1989 to July 3, 1989. He was formally requested to trim down to his ideal weight and report for weight checks on several d...

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