Brent School v. Zamora (1990)

Brent School, Inc. v. Zamora, En Banc, G.R. No. L-48494, February 5, 1990, Narvasa, J.:

1. Background

• This is the case of a P.E. Director who was not renewed his 5-year employment contract with an international school.

⦁ The Complainant was a former athletic director. The Respondent-Company was an international school.

⦁ They entered into a five-year fixed-term employment contract from July 18, 1971 to July 17, 1976. Subsequently, they executed subsidiary agreements dated March 15, 1973, August 28, 1973, and September 14, 1974, which reiterated the same terms and conditions, including the original expiry date.

• Three months before the expiration, the complainant was notified of the termination of his employment due to the expiration of the contract.

• The complainant filed a labor complaint challenging his dismissal.

a. Complainant’s position

• Complainant argued that he acquired the status of a regular employee because:

1) His services were necessary and desirable in the usual business of his employer; and

2) He has been employed for five years.

• As a regular employee, Complainant asserted that he cannot be dismissed except for valid cause.

b. Company’s position

• The Company/School argued on the validity and legality of the five-year employment contract.

2. SC Decision/Resolution

• The fixed-term employment contract was valid resulting likewise in the legality of the dismissal.

1) Unique circumstances

• The employment ...

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