1. Concept

Drivers – refers to those who drive a car or vehicle for a living.

2. Kinds of drivers

There generally two (2) kinds of drivers:

1) Independent contractors; and

2) Employees.

a. Drivers as independent contractors

Drivers who are independent contractors offer their services to another who is the client or customer without the expectation of becoming an employee of the client or customer.

The following are examples of independent contractors who are drivers:

1) Ride hailing application drivers – those who transport individuals after accepting the job form a mobile application);

2) Delivery drivers – those who transport food or goods after accepting the job form from a mobile application); and

3) Private service drivers – those who enter into a private contract with another involving transport of individuals or goods.

In the above cases, the drivers offer their knowledge or skills in driving to clients or customers who are willing to engage and pay, without the expectation of either or both parties that an employer-employee relationship will be created. There being no employment relationship, drivers are only entitled to their professional fees. They are not entitled to any other employee benefits.

For more information, see: Independent Contractors – Individuals.

b. Drivers as employees

Drivers who are employees of another individual, a business, or an organization, are engaged by the latter with the understanding that the...


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