FAQ: Premium pay

1. In General

See: FAQ: Statutory Monetary Benefits.

The above FAQ covers frequently asked questions with their answers (FAQ) involving statutory monetary benefits in terms of general application, i.e., the questions and answers apply to all forms of statutory monetary benefits, including this current benefit. Thus, the following questions and answers are specific only to the present benefit.

2. Specific to Premium Pay

a. Entitlement

Are casual employees or part-time employees entitled to premium pay?

Yes, casual employees/workers are entitled to premium pay – because they are employees. The Labor Code does not distinguish as to the status of an employee (e.g. regular, probationary, casual, project, seasonal, fixed-term). For purposes of premium pay, so long as they are employed and thus an “employee,” workers are entitled to premium pay.

Part-time employment is not an employment status (e.g. regular, probationary, casual, project, seasonal, fixed-term). In the private sector, a part-time employee is simply one who renders work for less than the prescribed 48-hour workweek under the Labor Code (e.g. 24-hr/week, 36-hr/week, etc.).

Thus, a part-time employee has to have a status. For example: part-time regular employee, part-time probationary employee, part-time casual employee, part-time project employee, part-time seasonal employee, and part-time fixed-term employee.

b. Work on a rest day or special non-working day

What if work is required on a ...

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