Medical representative tricked into resigning and signing a quitclaim

The employee was hired as a medical representative and then became a product manager of the employer, a pharmaceutical company. Sometime thereafter, the employer announced a merger with another company and thus "the employees were advised to keep their options open and to look for other jobs." Being a family man, the employee looked for employment elsewhere. When he found another employer, he tendered his resignation and signed a quitclaim after receiving his benefits. Later, it was discovered by the company union that a buy-out of the employer's assets, and not a merger, was being discussed. Thus, after bargaining, the company union successfully negotiated for a retrenchment package consisting of three months' pay for every year of service. Learning of this, the complainant filed for illegal dismissal.

Labor Law Case: Wyeth-Suaco Laboratories, Inc. v. NLRC, Santos, G.R. No. 100658, 02 March 1993

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